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Selling your photos online – RedBubble

Jose Fernandez


RedBubble is a web site dedicated to providing independent and individiual artists a place to collect, show off their artwork, photography, and writing, and interact with one another. Artists can easily sign up for an account to sell t-shirts and other clothing items with their designs on them, or wall art and postcards featuring their original work. They can also connect with an entire community of other artists who are looking to show their pieces or sell their merchandise. Those who want to support those artists and encourage their work can buy their wall art and photography and purchase clothing that you won’t see anyone else wearing.

Launched in early 2007, the site aims to deliver for aspiring artists what blogging has done for aspiring writers and what YouTube has done for aspiring directors… with one exception: it wants the artists to get paid too.

The site is free to join and anyone can upload images, making them available for sale as prints, posters, calendars and cards, and on t-shirts too. RedBubble sets a fee to print each item and artists are then free to set their own mark-ups above the cost price.

RedBubble’s offices are mainly in Australia, although they have branches in San Francisco and the UK. While part of the site’s focus is selling original art to buyers, the site’s other mission is to provide an online art gallery and social network for artists to collaborate, communicate, and share feedback and information.

So if you’re not already on redbubble, then sign up and who knows, you could be making money selling your favorite images as a framed print, on canvas or as a poster.

Check out RedBubble for inspiration and learning and earning!


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